I’m at the Asian place near my work getting lunch and the couple ahead of me got their food and then walked away laughing and mimicking the accent of the Asian lady who served them.

I just stared them dead in the eyes and said “you should be ashamed of yourselves” and they shut up real quick and hurried away.

People are disgusting. This is why I prefer cats.

I rather dogs.

Just Google “Selena Gomez crying on stage,” and there are probably 15 videos of that. You are opening yourself up and talking to these people. Sometimes for me, it’s kids. When you lock eyes with someone and they’re just so enamored by you – and I almost feel like I’m gonna cry now – that is amazing, and that’s so powerful. I’ll do four shows in a row, but then the fourth night, I’ll catch someone completely, and we’re just connected. That’s the craziest feeling. I’m very lucky because of the kids. That’s their first concert. When they’re 25 and someone says, “Who was your first concert?,” they’re gonna say me. I don’t take that lightly. I think that’s an extreme honor. It’s really beautiful.
Selena Gomez (via withjelena)